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“Our philosophy is all about showing this country as it is”
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黑龙江11选5Saigon to Hanoi 17D/16N

Bangkok to Saigon 15D/14N

Hanoi to Hoi An 13D/12N

Hanoi to Luang Prabang 11D

Hanoi to Kontum Highland 10D

Angkor to Saigon 10D/9N

Hanoi to Dien Bien Phu 7D/6N

Nhatrang to Hue Imperial 6D

Meandering Mekong Delta 5D

Saigon to Cantho 4D/3N

Saion to Vung Tao Beach 3D

Saigon to Nam Catien Park 2D

黑龙江11选5Ho Chi Minh Mytho Full Day

Bicycle Rental

Indochina Bike Tour 21D/20N

Cambodia Explorer 16D/15N

黑龙江11选5 Bangkok to Saigon 15D/14N

Cambodia Cycling Challenge 13D/12N

Cambodia Adventure 12D/11N

Angkor to Pakse(Laos) 11D

Cambodia Discovery 10D/9N

Angkor to Saigon 10D/9N

Southern Adventure 8D/7N

黑龙江11选5 Bangkok to Angkor 8D/7N

Angkor to Sihanouk Ville 8D/7N

Phnom Penh to Angkor 6D/5N

Angkor Adventure 6D/5N

黑龙江11选5 Angkor Cycling Back Roads 5D

Angkor Cycling & Trekking 4D

Angkor Discovery 3D/2N

Angkor Explorer 2D/1N

Essential Angkor Full Day


Since 2007, Cambodia Cycling has been organizing many Trekking & Hiking Tours in Southeast Asia for individual traveler and Charity Challenge. The trekking and Hiking Tours are designed with moderate to the most challenges to accommodate all levels of travelers to enjoy not only the nature, the aunthentic villages, wild life sanctuary, national park, the temples but also immerse in the cultures. about how our previous customers said about their trip to Cambodia.

Following our carefully researched itinerary you will experience the beauty in safe environment.  We are constantly updating new places that are safe to trek.  We will add these to our new tours when we know we can provide the best experience. In Vietnam, we have chosen the most beautiful areas to trek, from Hanoi to Mai Chau and Phu Luong National Park. In Thailand from Chiang Mai to Mae Teng river, where it has been so important to many minority hill tribe Karen who live their lives with bamboo rafting, and preserve the Elephant. In Myanmar, from the old capital of Mandalay to Kalaw, Inle Lake and Shane State. In Cambodia, from the ancient capital of Angkor to the Kirirom National Park and Cardamom Mountain, one of the largest remained rain forest in Southeast Asia and the hill tribes minority in Rattanakiri and Mondulkiri.

We have full lists of trekking tours in Cambodia starting from a Day Trip to Multiple Day Tours with combination of all experiences to see REAL Cambodia, a great adventure of life time:


Camping tours with Cambodia Cycling, ensure the comfortable, professional, enjoyable trip. Cambodia Cycling provides tent including comfortable mattress, pilow, blanket all with white covers and bed sheets. Comfortable sitting set with cushions are provided to make you feel comfortable to enjoy the drink in the evening. >> Learn More


15 Days
Cambodia Mekong Trekking
Discover the lives of people along Mekong river. Visit hill tripe people, Angkor complex, Phnom Penh, Kirirom, Ream National Parks and Sihanuk Ville.
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8 Days Trekking Angkor to Sihanouk Ville
Extensively explore Angkor complex on feet, boat trip to Phnom Penh, Trekking Kirirom, Ream National Parks and Sihanouk Ville Beach Break. >> Learn More

7 Days
Cardamom Trekking Chi Phat 7 Days /6 Nights
Cardamom mountain used to be the biggest rain forest in South East Asia. Start in Phnom Penh, we transfer to Chi Phat. Discover this beautiful Cardamom mountain. Sianouk Ville Beach Break at the end if time permited. >> Learn More

6 Days Cambodia Trekking 6 Days / 5 Nights
Kirirom, Phnom Dat Chivit, Home, Stay, Phnom Penh, Tonle Sap Lake, Angkor Temples, Kulen National Park and Beng Melea temple. >> Learn More
6 Days Angkor Hiking and Trekking
Angkor Temple Complex, Tonle Sap Lake, Pre-Angkorian Rolous Group, Banteay Srei - Kulen Mountain, Beng Melea Temple. >> Learn More

5 Days Rattanakiri Trekking
Discover North-East Cambodia with nature, volcanic Lake, Yak Lom, Hill Tribe People, home- stay and water fall. >> Learn More
4 Days

Mondulkiri Trekking
Experience ethnic people with cutural interest, the true nature, elephant ride, tribe and trek. >> Learn More

3 Days Kirirom Trekking
Escape from bustling Phnom Penh Capital to enjoy the nature and trek in Kirirom National Park including the 40 meter high water fall in Chambok and Phnom Dat Chivet Mountain. >> Learn More


2 Days Camping Kulen, Beng Mealea and Koh Ker
Trekking on Kulen Mountain to the water fall, one thousand lingas, grand reclining Buddha. Visit Beng Mealea; Trekking and Camping at Koh Kher. >> Learn More
Full Day Full Day Trekking
Kulen National Park and Beng Mealea Temple. Visit One Thousand Lingas, Grand Reclining Buddha, 30 meter-high water fall and Beng Mealea, Indiana Jones temple. >> Learn More

Full Day

Angkor Temple Hunting
This full day Angkor Temple Hunting is designed for people who would like to see the temples in different way. The pick up and drop off from your hotel is included. 黑龙江11选5>> Learn More

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